Construction Management at Risk Projects

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Approach: Construction Management allows the owner, architect, and contractor to work together to find cost-effective solutions that serve owners’ long-term interests. It is an open book approach and savings belong to the owner. Kittle appreciates being part of collaborative teams, and together with their subcontractors and suppliers, can add great efficiency and value to a project.


Reunion House
Owner: Our Family Services, Inc.

Architect: Poster Frost Mirto

This was Angel Charity for Children, Inc.’s 30th anniversary marquis project. It is a 20 bed facility with staff offices, laundry, a commercial kitchen, a large central dining, living, and computer use area, and outdoor play and relaxation areas. Challenge: While the new shelter was being constructed, the small existing shelter was in operation at the front of the site. The safety and privacy of the youth had to be top priority as well as efficiency of the new House. Solution: Kittle collaborated and constructed what will be a LEED certified building that features many cost effective ways to save energy and make sure that Our Family resources go to help kids in need, not to pay for wasted electricity. Daylighting, cheerful colors, and durable materials give teens a pleasant place to live, study, and plan their futures. Kittle staff hosted visits to the construction site from potential donors.

Aviva Childrens Services Playground

Aviva Children's Services Playground
Owner: Aviva Children's Services

Architect: GRS Landscape Architects, Inc.

Adjacent to the Aviva family visitation building, this playground provides an outdoor area for families to interact and re-connect. It features tensile shade canopies, a misting system to stay cool, a variety of play equipment, and resting and visiting areas. Angel Charity for Children, Inc. provided a grant to help make this project a reality. Challenges: Curved steel beams were salvaged and re-configured to make a tall structure with a stage at the center of the playground. Thin-shell concrete was used throughout the playground to make smooth curved walls and structures.


Mosaic Café
Owner: The Matias Family

Architect: The Architecture Company

This project created a new bar, enhanced cold storage, enclosure of a once open-air dining room, a waiting area, and added sculptural metal shade trees at the entry. Challenge: The busy restaurant was kept open through the entire construction project except for one planned week when the owners took a vacation and all the floors were re-surfaced. Solution: Kittle worked with Mosaic Café owners to ensure the least possible interference with business and satisfactory customer experience. Materials for this project included glass tile and shelving, solid surface countertops, LED strip lighting, water-cut steel plates, rebar sculpture inside and out, and extensive stainless steel surfaces and appliances. The architect’s BIM models enhanced pre-construction meetings with the owner and with the construction team. 


Security Upgrades to Several Schools
Owner: Catalina Foothills School District

Architect: Catalina Foothills School District

Existing fencing at seven campuses had security deficiencies. Challenge: Work occurred during school hours and paused between classes when students were circulating. Many areas were difficult to access and many tricky situations were corrected. Solution: Kittle worked closely with the Catalina Foothills School District to identify, record, and resolve fencing and gate hardware issues. Shields and a watchperson provided for the safety of passersby while work occurred.


Palice Gallery
Owner: Tucson Museum of Art

Architect: Andy Anderson with the Breckenridge Group

A second floor area adjoining an outdoor patio was no longer being used for offices. Challenge: Some materials were too large for the elevator and required ingenuity to get them upstairs. Solution: Thriving on problem-solving, Kittle managed to get all necessary materials to their locations seamlessly. Lighting, high quality display cases, cork flooring, and LED lighting were installed to create a reverent space to display pre-Columbian art and artifacts. Track lighting allows flexibility in the lighting of various exhibits. A new glass vestibule to the outdoor patio maintains climate control and allows use of this previously under-utilized amenity.