New Buildings Projects

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Serving architects to create new buildings that enhance our community is a priority at Kittle Design and Construction. Our architectural background allows us to anticipate problems and fully collaborate with the building team. Approach: Some sites and some needs require building from the ground up. This provides great opportunities to take advantage of current energy-efficient materials and methods. Even with new construction, there is much need for architects and contractors to work closely together to meet owners’ needs. We enjoy helping architects achieve their design goals. 


Administrative Headquarters
Owner: Handi-Dogs, Inc.

Architect: Hudson Design

This non-profit organization helps disabled individuals train their dogs to assist with a variety of tasks. Kittle built a long stem wall along the alley to accommodate a grade change and a large retaining wall on the south side to protect adjacent homes and create a small yard for Handi-Dogs. The building is metal-framed, has stained concrete floors, bright colors, offices, and a large training area that has proved a very pleasant and efficient place for volunteers and dogs to work together. Challenge: The site required over-excavation and re-compaction to assure a stable building site. Solution: Kittle worked closely with Hudson Design on daylighting and landscaping issues. Disruption to nearby homes, businesses, and a school was kept to a minimum. 


Devine Reservoir Maintenance Building and Canopy
Owner: Tucson Water

Architect: McCarthy Architecture, Inc.

This was a two-part project. The first phase was construction of a new shop building, restroom, and computer room for Tucson Water maintenance crews. The second phase was converting former shop areas in an existing building into finished offices for administrative staff. Challenge: This work was done in a secure and confined yard. Solution: Kittle worked closely with Tucson Water staff to allow their heavy vehicles to come and go while underground utilities and other construction were installed.


Rincon Valley Fire Department Additions to Station 1
Owner: Rincon Valley Fire Department

Architect: David E. Shambach, Architect

Part of this project is crew quarters connected to the existing station and the other part is a storage room connected by covered walkway to the existing station. Foam blocks and reinforced concrete create an energy efficient structure. Challenge: The additions were in the back of the site, but the station had to be kept ready for emergency response at all times. Solution: Kittle worked closely and diligently with the fire station to make sure the work was accomplished in a timely manner and without interference of the station's functionality.


Orange Grove Middle School Music Building
Owner: Catalina Foothills School District

Architect: NTD Stichler

This 3,000 square foot masonry building is heavily used by all the student musicians at this middle school. The building has a large terraced practice room, individual practice rooms, an instructors office, and instrument storage. The front opens to student walkways, and the back has decorative masonry patterns at the outer edge of the campus. Challenge: Access to this small site was extremely limited. Solution: In order to create a useable site, Kittle modified an existing drainage channel and created a new cut-off wall to control erosion from an adjacent wash.


Muscular Dystrophy Association Print Room
Owner: Muscular Dystrophy Association

Architect: Gaston Marchand, Architect

This building started as an outdoor yard and was enclosed to create a secure room for a new high-speed printing facility. Flagstone panels and copper trim were used to match the adjacent construction and create a seamless addition.